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A twenty first century ministry
a first century vision
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Covenant Partners
Twenty Years ago the Lord told me to come to America and begin to prepare her for revival. I left Australia to come to a country that I did not know, I put it all on the line and God has been faithful. Through the years our mission has taken on many faces from city wide tent revivals to training leaders that move in power. Two decades later the passion to prepare America for Revival still burns inside of me. America needs an awaking now more than she ever has. Preparing America for revival is bigger than one man, it takes a team. A team of people to enter into a covenant partnership together. Covenant partnership is a relationship, a joining together of two people. Two people sharing a common goal, these people in unity join forces and resources to reach their objective. Our objective is clear, it is relevant and it is urgent. By no means is this just a way to raise funds. A covenant partnership with Destined to Win is a two-way street. We pray for our partners on a daily basis, and in turn expect you to pray for us. I seek the Lord so I can pour into you all that God deposits in me for this crucial hour. When you join with us you have a right to tap into the anointing that is on this ministry...   Become A Covenant Partner

Our Part:

Pray daily for God’s blessings to be on you
Study and diligently seek the Word of God
Minister to you
Periodically offer special gifts
Provide quality customer service
Provide our partners Podcast
A free downloadable series monthly
Be good stewards
Operate with integrity and excellence

Your Part:

Attend meetings in your area
Pray for Dr. Gwilliam, his family and DTW
Contact us periodically
Actively recruit new Covenant Partners
Support us with your monthly pledge:

Become A Covenant Partner
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