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Fresh Start Testimonies

Given by... Norman Kinard

This life style caused me to make new friends, the type that could help me with my new found addictions. They taught me to break the laws I once was taught to observe. By the time I reached 17 my addictions became worse, and I moved away from those that restricted me doing drugs and carousing with my new found friends. After around six months of total freedom I ended up moving back home in an attempt to break the hold this life style now had over me. But this did not work I ended indulging more into this type of life of drugs, and unprotected meaningless sex.

After a few years I cleaned up and got married, but by this time I already had 2 daughters and I wanted to provide for them. I worked as a jockey for a stud farm, and I was injured at work so I could no longer meet my commitments to my family, or my extended family. After Six months of being out of work and I had fallen behind on the child support for my first daughter The court system put a warrant out for my arrest, and I was picked up and sent to jail.

When I was released even though I still was in a lot of pain from my injury I found a job working as a mechanic in an attempt to get myself of the hole that I was in. But it didn't happen the way I wanted, the harder I tried the further I fell back into the hole. My marriage fell apart and my wife was having relationships outside of our marriage. I realized that no matter what I did my wife and I were not going to make together, so I moved out with my daughter, and since that time I have been living a double life I would be a father during the day and use drugs at night. Slowly I became less of a father as I put my daughter more on my family and let the drugs rule over my life. I tried to stop on my own but every time I failed. I finally realized I couldn't do this own my own. I needed help. My family tried to help me but every time I thought I was breaking through I would fall back into the hole.

My pastor told me about the Destined To Win Ministries, Fresh start program but I still felt I can do this own my own. I finally realized I could not and tow weeks later I asked God what I needed to do. The next week my father came and told me about the same Fresh start program my pastor had told me about. I knew this was what I had to do because my father did not know my pastor.

Since I have been in the destined to win Fresh start program I have become more positive in what I need to do in my life. I soon discovered I was living for all the wrong reasons. I now see a future for myself and family a reason to live and keep pushing on. God is showing me that I can't keep the weight of the world on my own shoulders, and that I have to give my problems to him. It is getting easier every day and I thank God every day for giving me a loving family and sending people like Pastor Wayne and all of the people working with destined to win to help me and others like me.

Given by... Gabriel Betancourt

While the economy is in crisis my company is now the #1 video game company in the world, and the project I worked on is the highest grossing game of 2008. In just 4 years, I go from being broke, depressed, and struggling to having as the scriptures put it " so much blessings that there would be no room for it".

Tithing and offering makes the difference. Jesus intervention in my life makes the difference. The prayers of the church, friends, and family makes the difference. I used to think it was a scam. I hate thinking about churches that take money from me. I see pastors in Cadillacs while we struggle. I grew resentful as many people do. Pastor Wayne's ministry changed my cynical view in a big way.
He taught me the most important thing is relationship with Christ. Regardless of who you give to, if you give out of your heart, either 1 dollar or 1,000 its credited by God to you.
Pastor Wayne says if you don't have it in your heart to give, take that dollar and buy coffee instead of tithing it. God prefers a cheerful dollar than a bitter hundred. And it works!

I started small. Giving spare change and feeling guilty I didn't give more. But the amount doesn't matter, its the practice of knowing your heart and giving only what your heart allows. The blessings didnt come right away. Its about consistency. In my first year of tithing I didn't see dramatic results, In my forth year of consistent tithing, I end up being promoted at work and saw a 30% increase in salary. It was not an easy or peaceful transition either. I went through a lot of headaches and heartaches but kept tithing and offering. There are days I think its pointless and see nothing come of it. But patience and persistence pay off BIG! My last company didn't treat me very well, but the company God moved me to not only gave me everything I wanted but the people were the best to work with. I have a great time and possibly another promotion may be on the way.

My life has turned from hopeless to super-awesome. I urge anyone reading this, now is the time to give. Don't listen to the financial crisis negative talk on the news and radio and people around you. Gods people are well fed, well hydrated, and prosperous, in the midst of dry desert. Its true in the literal as in the metaphor. I cant wait to see how Christ turns your life around from hopeless to wondrous! It wont happen overnight and it wont be smooth but when it happens youll be singing praises!

Given by...  Johnathan Mayse

Johnathan was sentenced to ten years jail for violence and drug dealing, the price he was ordered to pay society for the lifestyle he had led up to his capture. However in the first year of his sentence Jonathon found Jesus as his savior. This experience led him to build a relationship with Chaplin Briggs who helped mentor Jonathon into Christianity who in turn would become one of her assistants within the prison ministry. After serving five years Jonathon was paroled and Chaplin Briggs referred Jonathon to Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam to complete his ministry training. Jonathon is now on staff with Destined To Win and plays a key role in supervision to the fresh start program. He has earned the respect of all his peers and those he pastors within the fresh start program.

Given by...  Walter

I came to Destined to win after a life in the armed forces serving in several different countries. I am a husband, father and grand father, and after a family breakup found myself homeless living on the streets with a major drinking problem. This led me to a program run by His place in Columbia SC where I was able to rediscover my spirituality and regulate my drinking. I found myself wanting more through prayer and a friend I was led to Destined to win and it is here I am understanding the source of my spiritually as well as developing my leadership abilityís. I lead one of the work teams and every week I get stronger as I forget about my own problems and help others through theirs praise The Lord. And I am looking forward to completing a course on counseling so I can truly help others that have found themselves in a situation similar to the one I was in. God bless you and thank you all for helping myself and many others be supporting Destined to win. Walter, Ps My Family also thanks you.

Given by...  Richard

After many years of living on the streets sleeping up under a bridge with several friends I have found my way back to a warm bed three great meals a day, and most of all hope. Because a group of people call Destined To Win loved me, they listened to me, they cried with me, they gave me a job, they gave me a home, and they prayed with me. They got me hooked up with a great church called Cornerstone in Sandy Run SC. I guess what I am trying to say is they never told me about Jesus, they showed me who Jesus is, and I really like that Jesus; No I love Him. It is also great to be sleeping in a bed again, going to work everyday, having money in my pocket that I earned, being sober and enjoying life. For this I give thanks to Jesus every day. God bless, and a big thank you for coming to find me.


Given by...  James Brown

I remember many a night sitting with my little sister in the other room crying to God to please stop the arguing, fighting and abuse in the other room. Alcohol stole my family from my sister and me leaving us to grow in to adulthood without any real family supervision. I began self-medicating with drugs, alcohol and any other outlet I could find to temporarily make my hurting go away. I remember many times entertaining thoughts of suicide; because it seemed to be my only way of escape. And even though I hated this type of life I turned out to be my fatherís son, and the same thing that stole his destiny and mine was now threatening to steal my sons. However this was not acceptable to his mother even though she loved me very much. She informed me she would not allow a codependent lifestyle of drugs and alcohol to steal, her or our new born sonís life. I refused to listen to her and she left, taking my son with her. After she left I was self-medicating in a drug house when I realized I was really going nowhere. I had received my paycheck on Friday and could not even afford a cup of coffee on Saturday. I wanted my family back, and did not know where to begin I prayed to God for help, and he sent John and Renť Bolas who were my employer and they told me they would pay my fines to keep me out of jail if I would enter a program offered by Destined to Win Ministries.

Since Iíve been in the program I and others see the change in me I no longer need to use any form of self-medication. I have been completely clean now for eight months, and I am learning to develop my leadership skills so I can be the provider for my family God created me to be. My son and his mother has become a priority in my life, and I find myself imparting into them my new found spiritual experience. An experience that was passed on to me by those that had it passed on to them. Now, as I grow stronger in this new life, I look forward to passing it on to others, and setting an example for other people with similar problems. Almost daily now I can look at myself in the mirror and know I have changed dramatically and am continuing to change and grow in the Lord. My greatest desire is to become a father of character so that my son may become one also.

Given by...  Steghen

When I turned 13 I was confronted by the same decision as all young teens. What will be my image? What group of people will I hang with? How do I want people to see me? And like most I made the wrong choices and started hanging with the wrong crowd; I soon found myself rebelling against my parentís direction for my life. School was no longer a place of learning it was a place to meet and hang out. Teachers were no longer educators they became just another authority trying to stop me from expressing myself.† By the time I was 16, I was using marijuana to gain acceptance from my friends. This caused the authority figures in my life to apply more pressure to bring me back to what they believed was the correct path for my life. Now I was torn between two opinions of right and wrong, my friends on one hand and my family and educators on the other. †This caused me to enlarge my use of marijuana, and other drugs as an escape which led to more partying and uncontrolled behavior.† I did whatever I wanted to and no one could tell me otherwise.† Eventually, I moved on dealing and began to sell to support my habit.†I would be out all night when I used cocaine, and I started breaking into homes to support my habit and found myself in jail for 60 days. †I posted bond and 3 weeks later was back in jail for stealing a car.† Eventually, I moved in with a friend and my life completely fell apart.† I used drugs and alcohol every day and sold them.† Since this broke my bond agreement, I was arrested again and eventually placed under house arrest and my license was suspended. It was around this time that I met a family that really cared for me the Bolas family I started to hang with there son Sam, and before long found myself part of there extended family. It was at this time I found Christ as my Savior, and my life turned around in many ways but I could not get set free from using drugs. We all agreed that I would enter the program with Destined To Win at Boone Street Columbia South Carolina. Since entering I have tested clean gained a deeper knowledge of salvation, and have developed a new attitude towards work and my circle of friends. I now look forward to a great future because of Christís love that was shown to me through the Bolas family and Destined To Win.

Given by...  James Mattingly

I am a 52 year old male born and raised in the Columbia, SC area. I enlisted in the United States army at the age of 23 to serve my country and to see the world. After being honorably discharged in 1978 I began a downward spiral of self medication and drinking. From here things only got worse for me due to my lifestyle. However, when I wanted to give up living I came to a crossroad that led me to find Jesus as my personal savior, and during this period of my life I tried to build a family centered on my understanding of salvation. I also become a youth minister in our church, a position I held in high regard and loved working with the youth, but ever growing problems within my own family caused me to start self medicating I, once again, became involved in drinking and taking drugs. During this time of wandering I spent time in the county jails, as well as, a short time in federal penitentiary. Needless to say, I was lost. Upon my release from these institutions I still continued down the same path trying to overcome the guilt of my failed life I tried programs that worked for others but found no help for me. I panhandled to support my habits and become homeless living in the bush like an animal, wanting to die but scared of meeting God, I was ashamed. This continued until one day I met what I considered to be an angel a beautiful young woman. Out of the blue she approached me asking me if I needed help, she showed both love and compassion. As I tried to avoid her she kept coming back and asking are you alright can I help. I knew it was not her but the voice of The Holy Spirit and I was scared when I heard His voice just like Adam was in the garden I wanted to hide. She left me contact information for the pastor of Cornerstone Church. I tried to put the voice out of my head but it kept calling me so I placed a phone call to the pastor expressing my wanting of help and my needs. He stated he would find out if there was any assistance that he could provide and asked me to please phone him again in 2 Ė 3 hours. So, at the appointed time I phoned him once again and he introduced me to Dr. Wayne Gwilliam of Destined to Win Ministries. He spoke with me briefly and told me help was on the way. I was picked up within the hour, brought to a house and given food, drink and fresh change of dress, and then led to my own room, a beautiful room. Since this time I have been able to share my testimony with others, and even now have a room mate to share my room at the intern house with. Christ has become a reality once again in my life. I no longer self medicate, drink or smoke. Since becoming a part of the Destined to win family I have been healed in my life. I have replaced the old bad habits with new ones such as reading the bible, praying, and working in various projects involved with this ministry. Some of the projects include restoring the discipleship house and building bunk beds for a new youth program that Destined to win has started recently. I have a hope for my future again. I feel that my life is on the right path again, as I have found purpose and fulfillment through the Lord. PRAISE GOD.

Given by...  Kim

Since joining the staff at DTW Ministries, I have witnessed incredible restorations, healings and deliverances in people form all walks of life.† The ministry teamís devotion to setting people free through the authority of the Cross is relentless.†† Daily prayers are offered for the restoration of peace, health, purpose, and spiritual and natural prosperity for marriages and ministries. The whole team endeavorís to reveal the depths of Godís love to everyone they meet.† And they are eager to help those who struggle or feel lost in their walk, as I did when I first hooked up with them; DTW is a true lighthouse for the lost to find their way back to Him. The bible studies are life changing.† The teachings here bring such clarity to the nature of God that you canít help but be awed and grateful for all He is and all Heís done. Anyone who wants to know God intimately and find their purpose in Him can be assured this ministry will encourage and inspire them in their pursuit.† I am grateful that God has called me to be a part of It., thanks DTW

Given by...  Thelisa

Thank you, Pastor Wayne, for encouraging us to step out. I thank God every day for sending the Destined to Win ministry to South Carolina. Before then we were living, thats all, just living. But now that we have Jesus in our hearts we have life. I found out there is a big difference between the two. Whatís the use of living and if you donít have life? Thatís why I thank God, first of all, for sending Jesus to die for us on the cross.† Then I thank God for sending John Bolos to knock on our door and getting us hooked up with Destined to Win ministry.† I'm so glad that we have a great pastor like you and Pastor Angela who are not afraid of helping someone step out in their calling. God has changed our lives so much that we are going to share the good news of the gospel with boldness. We will not be afraid of the devil because we know that God is able to do all things and that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who stengthens us. You did a revival at Cornerstone church one night back in June.† There was one thing you said that has stayed in my mind. You said you donít take ministers and put them in a room for 2 years but you take them and put them on the field and they turn out to be very good ministers. I didnít understand it that night, but after thinking about it, because it just didnít want to leave my mind, I can say today that I understand what you meant. You learn how to depend on Jesus. You learn how to trust God. The most valuable lesson Iím learning is that when you trust God and depend on Him to bring you through and out of something, you come through without wrinkles. You are well taught. One thing I want everyone to know that reads this testimony is that one-on-one training with Jesus is the most exciting way of getting wisdom, knowledge and understanding and He will teach you how to love one another and show you how to do things that you donít know that youíre capable of doing. This is why we have a mission statement in Jenkinsville that says (If God is for us, who can be against us?) "we are destined to win". We've learned that God is for us.† So at that rate Iím not concerned about the enemy and his cohorts.† The way I love God for sending Jesus, the devil and his cohorts need to be concerned about us!!!!!!!! Thanks for being a great pastor.

Given by...  Jim & Cindi

As the 2006 year comes to an end, we would like to thank Pastor Wayne and Angela for helping us to fulfill all that God has purposed for us to do. Going thru growing pains is not at all easy for any church, but thanks to Pastor Wayne and Angela who came along beside us at Cornerstone and believed in this local body, Jim and myself, and helped us walk thru turbulent times unitl we were on solid ground. Often people would run from turbulent times, but a true friend and Pastor will be there to help you through. We at Cornerstone have found this in Pastor Wayne and Angela at Destined to Win! Thanks again and we are looking forward to all God has for us to do in 2007. Pastor Wayne and Angela you are truly a blessing!           Cornerstone Christian Center Jim and Cindi Jackson

Given by...  Founder DTW H.T.F.T.W. Hands That feed The World

Destined to Win Ministries have faithfully supported every work I started overseas. They have helped me carry the financial responsibility for 12 projects, every month. Pastor Wayne has taught me many things during the year, some of which were not always what I wanted to hear. Today I have grown much stronger and more obedient because of his leadership. Many lives were touched worldwide because of what has been imparted in my life. Without the prayers and support of the leaders and members at DTW, I don't believe I would have made it this far. I would like to say thank you, Pastor Wayne, for allowing me to experience growth in the ministry. My leadership in the mission field has become more secure because of the lessons I have learned along the way from you. God has truly blessed me in 2006 with a church family to call my own at Destined to Win.          
May God richly bless you.

Given by...  Barbara DTW H.T.F.T.W. Uganda

Praise the Lord, Pastor.† It is a pleasure to take this opportunity to thank God for His special love to me, my family, and the entire group of Destined to Win Uganda. Greetings in the precious name of Jesus.† I sincerely appreciate everybody who has worked to ensure that this minisrty would come out well. As we approach the end of our year of service, I am extending my sincere gratitude to all those who have worked tirelessly towards the successful operation of the ministry in Uganda. I am truly blessed.† What you do for me and my family is beyond human words or description. I humbly request the whole world to look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my life.† Use my testimony to bring others to Jesus.† Ephesians 3:20 - He is able. I thank you for the prayers and the teachings you send to me.† I have benefited from them. Words are limited on how to express my happiness on how am blessed from your ministry, Destined to Win USA.†† When my beloved mum died you became my parent because even my dad is a disabled person. I give all the glory to God who stands with me in all ways every season. May God's richest blessings be upon you so you may continue to meet the needs of many people on earth.† With the power of God, God bless you mightly in this season and the coming year.

Given by...  Pastor Kaziba DTW H.T.F.T.W. Uganda

Ever since we joined Destined to Win, we have recognized a great change in a way that the up-keep has been easy as to maintain our family.
1. Feeding has been improved.    2. Education for our children - the time before I met missionary Geeta things were very had for us. But now we thank God. School has also been enabled.   3.Transportation to the church as been easier in that in the past we used to walk long distances which could bring hardships and sometimes we could miss church because of that.   4. With the same money we have been able to pay for the office premises and sometimes top up the rental fees though sometimes believers give offerings and we meet it. Actually we give God the glory for that it has assisted in many areas. Destined to Win has been a blessing as it stands in words.
This brought a determination in my wife to finish her album called I Am New Person. She finished it and launched it last Sunday 17.12.2006. We are going to send a copy of her CD very soon. Many believers have managed to get Jobs while in Destined to Win. While in Destined to Win there were new lives that have been enriched. For example, believers have learned how to preach the Gospel through singing, through the word of God. Some have been lifted in giving in church and to the needy. We have developed new relationships with other ministries and people because they have seen our aims in salvation.

Given by...  Russell and Donna

Our first Bible College books and tapes arrived this morning and we both wanted to give you all a big thank you
as this is one of the most precious gifts any one can ever give to a person. . . .
without any further delay and with pencils sharpened we now begin.

Yours in Christ
Russell and Donna

Given by...  Selah

Dear Dr. Wayne & Angela Gwilliam, †
Greetings from Davao City, Philippines. I didn't expect how God would weave our paths together but one thing that I am sure of; God is good all the time! I am so glad that there is a place for "testimony" in this site. I would like to personally thank you for, first, your love and dedicated heart towards Jesus Christ our Lord. You cared so much for what God has loved and for the children here. Because of you 20 less fortunate children are now enjoying going back to school and 13 children were added recently. They were benefited because of the support you extended. †As of now we have a "childrenís outreach" every Saturday where we feed 80 children, more or less, spiritually and physically. Praise the Lord for these children.† They accepted Jesus Christ and their parents have noticed the difference in them. Second, for sending Pastor Geeta to the world and to the Philippines. We met you because of her. The work of God here was made possible because of you at Destined to Win (Hands that Feed the World). It is a pleasure to work with a man and woman of God who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much.

Given by...  Pastor Caliph Ndemo

I thank the Lord so so much for His grace upon my life. Itís now almost three years from the time this great miracle took place in my life. We live in Kenya with my family. Three ago my wife, Edithy, went to look for a Christian penpal on the internet. She wrote to many but one replied and it was none other than our dear missionary, Geeta Arguello. My wife later introduced me to her . Pastor Geeta then was prompted by God to introduce me to her pastor, Dr. Wayne Gwilliam. This man of God has been a blessing to us in ministry. The Destined to Win church is now supporting us and the orphaned kids here in Kenya. Our lives are not the same.† Again, may the Lord bless the entire Destined to Win USA for the great support. We are glad, for the Lord has made us glad.

Given by...  Darla Sharp

DEAR WAYNE, I was in Ketchin when you were there when revival hit. I hope you remember me. There was a time that you stated sometimes you just need to see Jesus with flesh on..speaking about a minister who can just minister Christ to you. Well you were my Jesus with flesh on. Your ministry into my life so many years ago in Alaska, when i am hungry and weak from life still sustains me. God has used your voice to minister to me when He was teaching me certain things about wickedness..He used your voice because i trusted your voice so much because of the ministry you did in my life. I just wanted to tell you this after all these years I always go back to those times you ministered to those of us who really did love you for coming to the middle of no where and giving freely what God gave you. I live in Montana now and just found your site today.. I have stepped away fronm the churches for so many reasons..most because it sickens me...My question today to you would be ..Do you think you could ever make your way to Helena Montana maybe even for a tent revival? Funny thing about Helena.. on your way into this city there is a billboard of Christ with open arms and on your way out of this city there is a billboard with Christ with open arms...that doesn't happen very often. I have longed to sit under your ministry since the days of ketchikan and much of what i learned from you I ministered to people when i opened up my homes for worship. I ministered your water baptism revelation in my home one night where the presence of God came in so heavy the children all rushed to the kitchen sink to be water baptised by submergen. We all couldn't use the tub so we used the sink by faith. . . the glory of God flowed so beautifully that night.. I truely miss those times...Anyhow I hope to hear back from you about Montana and maybe a tent revival next summer? God bless you and thank you so much for so often being my Jesus with flesh on. God Bless

Given by...  Dennis

Greetings Wayne, I can see that you keep to the path and are steady on your course. I am impressed by your tenacity. My place here on the West Coast of Florida is working out well. KD and I have celebrated our 5th year together.Currently, I still have my RE Brokers and Mortgage Broker License. The market here is stagnant however and I have found a part-time full-time job cleaning pools. It is a good meditation and pays the bills. KD has her Nail and Skin Care business and is doing well. I heard from John Bolos that you have moved to N.C. Is Ben still in Miami? I send you good wishes for your progress with your projects.Tell Ben and all I said Hello,

Given by...  Rhonda Reid

Hi Ps Wayne, Just have been reading your newsletter, it is awesome. I was really excited to see the \'Harness of The Lord\' I found it not so long ago in some stuff we had packed away. I remembered the impact it had on my and Glenn\'s lives when you first gave it to us in 1984, it\'s so awesome to think that it is so much for now, We have given it to all our youth and lots of other people. I have forwarded your newsletter to Richard he is living in Brisbane, the bible school sounds really good, (study to show yourself approved a workman unto God Rightly dividing the Word of truth). Ok got all that down. Would you please pray for Will, Nathan and Rachels eldest son he is 9 and has just been diagnosed with type one diabeties, God healed Will when he was a baby of fits so we know this is no big thing for Him, He gets sweeter and sweeter. So thanks for all that and again thanks for our founding, give our love to Angela and all your family would love to see you guys again

Given by...  Tony Martinez

Hi Dr. Wayne, i am writting to tell you how much I appreciated your ministry and your friendship. We were so blessed to have you here and we hope to see you back soon. Pastor told me that you were going to do a tent meeting next time you come. I have never gotten the chance to be apart of one of those, it will be awesome. I will keep you posted on how things are going with the youth center. By the way me and my wife are expecting and maybe when you come back there will be one more added to the flock here at Faith Pleases God church. We love you guys. Brother Tony

Given by...  John

I just wanted to say how glad I am that you are going out and stepping out in your gifting. The world is so full of me too preachers who would compromise their calling for numbers and acceptance. I have been to many of your meetings, especially in the early days. I have to say that lives were changed all the time. Your ministry is the real deal. Please stay the course. We all are praying for you. Hey to Angela, Kim and everybody else there in South Florida... John

Given by...  Tracy Shakespeare-Branch

Thank you Wayne and Angela! You both came into our lives and home asking NOTHING and showered us with the true love of God from your hearts, souls, and minds...thank you. You are an answer to prayers for God\\\'s truth and peace and PURPOSE for our lives. I am so excited for you two to be here in Texas and count you as a blessing as you do Gods work. THank you for your prayers, fellowship, teachings, love. God is great, may He keep you and yours always.
Your Sister in light,         Tracy Shakespeare-Branch

Given by...  Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam

It was a sad day when we pulled out of Harlingen Texas, having to leave behind many great relationships that were made over the month of revival we had there. We can honestly say we were treated like royalty by Pastor Kevin & Veronica and their ministry team actually the whole Faith pleases God church was a great blessing to us, and we will continually thank God for them, and always consider them to be a vital part of our spiritual family. amen

Wayne C. Gwilliam

Given by...  Wanda Sweat

Here goes There've been so many times that I can point to & say God answered my prayers or intervened on my behalf, but for this testimony I'll just stick to one of the most recent--the debt cancellation. My husband went home to be with the Lord in June of 2005 & left me with a mountain of debt. I didn't know until then how many credit cards he'd had--I knew he liked to spend money & didn't mind hard work. When I looked @ how much income I had versus how much money I needed to meet the bills, I knew there was no way, short of a miracle that those debts would be paid. There were 12 or 13 credit cards all together as well as a second mortgage on our house--I remember saying to someone that I'd been put in a position of having to live by faith, I had no other choice; it was time to find out whether I truly believed what I said I believed about God's provision. I remembered hearing Pastor Wayne talking about taking communion over your problems/finances/etc, so I sat down with everything--my income, the bills, the mortgage--and I said "Lord, I know Your Word says that You're a Husband to the widow & a Father to the fatherless, and I'm both. Your Word also says that You supply my need according to Your riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. I choose to believe that You're my Provider, my Source--this is my income, these are the bills I need to pay. Lord, I take You @ Your Word. " I took comunion to remind myself of the Covenant @ God\'s promises, then I committed to continue to tithe on all my income & to give offerings as I believed the Holy Spirit was leading me.
Since then, the credit cards have decreased to two (2), one of which is mine. Not only are the others paid off, I received refunds from some of them, for significant amounts--always right when I needed the money, once it was enough to make the house payment. The second mortgage is also paid off. There have been a couple of times that I've gotten nervous & applied for part time jobs to supplement my income, but the doors don't open, & He reminds me to "Be still... " & "This battle is not yours." God is indeed a good provider, the bills are being paid and I have a surplus in my checking account. God is awesome, His promises are "Yes and Amen ".

Given by...  Sonia Borisow-Taylor

Just want to thank Wayne so much for his teachings; I have been listening to them continuously and they have been such a blessing to me and have helped in the challenge I have been facing lately; teaching me how to respond in certain situations, how to pray and showing me the truth of what a pure heart is, and how to truly lay down my life for another.
Thank you, Wayne

Given by...  Ada

Hello, We are Emmanuel & Philippe (29 years &23)...We are from IVORY COAST..We are christians in a church called International Evangelical church here..We would like to exchange with all christians in all over the World and exchange about matter of God with them.We are looking forward to hearing from you..May God bless you in abundance.

Given by...  Donna

I couldn't wait to give glory to God today as this week my husband was diagnosed with cancer. God answered our prayers for healing when one of the tests came back that my husband 'seems' to fall into one of those 2% catagories of people where that particular type of cancer he had was a benign tumour. The outcome of course is that God healed my precious husband. We encourage anyone who may ever recieve a 'bad report' to tell those that are full of faith and who love you enough to stand with you and believe God for a miracle because God is into healing people and loves faithful people to stand up in Him for ones who are hurting or are in desperate need of a miracle. We had leaders in our church over here in Australia, 'Contemporary Christian Center' and Pastor Wayne Gwilliam all stand with us in prayers of faith and love and God in His infinite love did not leave anyone disapointed and He never does.   Donna

Given by...  Pastors Mike & Thelisa Carter

Here in Jenkinsville, SC God has begun to reveal Himself to us more and more each and everyday. At one point in our lives we didnít know that Jesus was really real until we met the Destined to Win family. I thank God for each and every person thatís a part of this great ministry that God has allowed us to be a part of. God knew that the Destined to Win ministry was the place for us. It is a ministry that loves God and wants to see souls saved, lives changed and growth in every area of a personís life. The Destined to Win ministry has helped us to step out in our calling. We thank God for them. Dr. Wayne and Pastor Angela have a pure love for Jesus. Weíve learned a lot. We want to share a miracle with the world that sometimes we often forget to tell. My mother-in-law has been in church for over 30 years and never knew she needed to accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior. After coming to Destined to Win of Jenkinsville, SC, she began to hear the truth of Godís word. On October 3rd of this year she accepted Christ as her personal savior and is doing very well. Sometimes the enemy tries to discourage her but because of the love we have for God and the strong anointing thatís at Destined to Win the yokes are being broken in her life and the power of Godís word changes her every single time. I tell my husband all the time these are the miracles that we often time leave out. God is so powerful. After 30 years a person is led to Christ who never knew Him. That is a miracle all by itself. There is hope, Dr. Wayne. God is good all the time. Because of the Destined to Win ministry souls will be changed, lives will be changed and deliverance will take place. Healing will take its course; families and hearts will be mended. And, people will be restored back to their rightful place with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have learned that if God is for us, who can be against us? We are destined to win.

Given by...  Donna & Russell

Hello Pastors Wayne and Angela It was so great to read of the 14 baptisms and 5 salvations in your congregationÖÖÖ congratulations to Jesus and yourselves. I really poured over the photos of the baptisms because it takes me back to your tent in Cannon Hill Brisbane where you baptized me in a funny little blow up pool and went out under the power of the Holy Spirit, was laid out on the grass with a bull ant chewing on my arm pit and I couldnít move and I didnít careÖÖ. my life just went bang afterwardsÖÖ.. my family were frightened of the fire on me but most of them gave their hearts to the Lord anyway. It gave me so much joy to see that young man in your photos under the power of the Holy SpiritÖ.. there is still soooooo much deception out there about baptisms and it is as though people just come up wet at times as the truth of the actual operation that the precious Holy Spirit performs in us isnít given or isnít known about. I explained that truth to a young girl at our church just before she was being baptized over a month ago. I told her to expect the Holy Spirit to operate on her and to never be the same againÖÖÖÖ. she has changed dramatically. We are really enjoying the e news Love Donna and Russell

Given by...  Cindi

Pastor Wayne, That is so awesome! Just looking at the pics of the baptisms really blessed me, there was an annointing flowing from just viewing the pictures. The new building in the background looked great also, the colors(decor) are nice. Thank you for allowing us to be part of what God is doing in Florida with and through DTW. God bless, we love you! Cindi Jackson

Given by...  Caliph

Dear Pastor Dr Wayne and Angie, Greetings from Kenya. We are all fine . the Lord is good to us. We have seen his faithfulness in our ministry and family. I was in Tanzania last week and I saw the power of the Lord saving lives. We had almost 200 people come to the Lord . Others were healed and we give alll the glory to the Lord for his greatness. May the Lord bless you. Pastor Caliph DTW Kenya

Given by...  Eugene

From Eugene and Marjorie Dawson Australia. Just a short encouragement from the land 'down under'. I was so glad to rediscover DTW ministries as Pastor Wayne had a distinctive influence upon my early christian walk so many years ago. Recently my wife Marjorie was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer- non-hodgkin's lymphoma stage B and she was given aproximately a 26% 5 year survival chance. Last week she was declared cancer free; totally in full remission. A term of love and grace from a christian perspective. Pastor Waynes audio teachings have been a constant accompaniment through these challenging times and we have been blessed beyond expression into coming to a higher level of understanding and personal revelation. I have been able to rise up in boldness. Our loving thanks to you.

Given by...  Nick

Mr. Wayne Gwilliam, I have the privilege of having Wanna as one of my Godly best friends from New Zealand. He has helped me and my family in so many ways. God has used him to encourage me to rise up to be the man and father I should be. God has used us both in helping each other. I am a Sunday school teacher. My wife plays the piano. My two sons sing and play drums and my daughter sings as well. I live in Miami I talk with Wanna as much as we can. I just wanted to let you know how God as changed Wanna and now me. God is blessing my family because we are seeking his face, seeking first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness will follow. God bless, Nick from Miami.

Given by...   Wana

To Wayne Gwilliam I'm writing this to you after a freak collision with your website on a Sunday afternoon, after much discussion and laughs on the past with my mum Marilyn & sisters, we realise that this is the same Wayne Gwilliam we all had to do with back in Australia many years ago..... Just so you know I was the young unruly Maori boy Wana.lol..we lived with you guys in Toowoomba....... God is still showing me how much of a rebellious boy i was back then..... my mum agrees strongly with me..... But what I'm trying to say right now is as you know mum found the lord in Australia, and has been going hard for the lord since..... I too like your son Ryan, went off the rails and rebelled for a time in my life. The world chewed me up and spit me out and i ended back up on my knees pleading with the Lord for his mercy.... He was merciful and accepting of me... I am very amazed and intrigued to hear and see the news of how the two boys have grown...i remember Ben, but Ryan I remember was the youngest..... It sounds like they are great men of God.... I am now 30yrs old and have been blessed with a beautiful wife named Mele & 2 boisterous boys....much like myself...God has a weird way of repeating history to bring one to true repentance.... ha ha ha... Daniel is 8 years old and Gabriel 6yrs.... Mele & I are currently serving the lord in the children's ministry... I'm writing this to you to say thank you very much for taking us into your home back then when we were a family in a time of need...We met God at that time as a family and the seed was planted and it continues to grow even now.... God has been my rock, father, healer and good friend...there is no way i could ever leave him again... praise God... I hope that god will continue to bless your family and ministry... i remember you as an evangelist back then with a lot of God given anointing.... i was very inspired to see the results of gods vision for you...and the prophecy fulfilled in your life..... When i was staying with your family i was 6yrs old and i have very fond memories of living in the farmhouse down the gravel road, and you preaching in the old theatre, i also remember i enjoyed the space of the farm that my feet liked to roam... and always managed to run me right into trouble..... Anyway i leave you with all of mine and the lords blessings and love from New Zealand.... God bless Wana Wilson

Given by...  Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam

Barbara, was an aids victim healed when Missionary Geeta prayed for her she now works looking after some of our orphan children, praise The Lord

Given by...  Barbara

Praise the Living Lord Pastor, I thank God for having kept me alive up to this day. Yet I was numbering my days on earth. When ever I go, I make sure people knows who the healer is God! May all the glory, honor, power and praise be unto our heavenly father for your wonderful and overwhelming ministry. Am so glad Pastor that at the moment am in the Mbale God has enabled me to serve him while staying with our destined to win children in Mbale . Ever since then the place has changed with the help of the Holy Spirit directing us what to do in every corner of our home. Many things have been implemented during my stay in Mbale. First and fore most: Putting God first in our home has progressed us. We have put prayer alters every evening and morning in our home praying for our funders, good Pastors of destined to Win America , praying for their protection and progress . Children are able to got to church every Sunday. Children can try to recite bible verses , since they don?t have their own bibles they use the small ones . All of them are being taught to lead in prayers. They are being taught how to cook food . We taught them to clean themselves . We taught them how to sew their clothes in case they are torn . We are teaching them music dance and drama . All the children are entiled to clean in his / her part of work every morning and evening . Every evening we get a special meeting teaching them good manners they should behave in the community . We are teaching them to lay their beds properly. And Pastor, as God led me serve him, I have decided to be in Mbale for two weeks and for Soroti for two weeks. That is a full month doing such work is not tiresome since Soroti children are sleeping with their guardians . I love the authority God has given me, and moving in faith with the help of the Holy Spirit is fine and pleasant. It is wonderful Pastor to wait upon the Lord in his loving grace, faith, and divine patience and to see him rise up to help us! Many people think they are waiting upon the Lord when in reality they are not waiting at all because they are not waiting in the right place. All the promises of the holy bible are for the children of God to use and use them, we "must" if we are to receive the Jesus' s benefits of the heavens 's best. It is high time to wait upon the Lord. To wait in his love, do whatever He tells you to do. When you wait in his love that love begins to move, drawing you up, up, up, and joys begins to bubble, joy in the valleys. It is so marvelous. Am very happy Pastor for having trusted me work in all districts with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and favour from God. I thank God for the grace and protection he has given me. All the glory goes to God. God bless you Pastor Much love from Barbara.

Given by...  A brother & sister in Christ

Hi again Pastors Wayne and Angela I just wanted to really thank you both as when we first all made contact we were smashed and not even going to church and it blesses our hearts to look back and see that you gave us a go when church protocol would say Ďno let them prove themselves firstí. We donít know whether you knew or not but the healing balm for us was to trust us as we had a horrible discrediting spirit (without sounding fruit loopy) that followed us and worked for a season while we were in another ministry Just want you both to know that weíll never forget what youíve done for us and that youíve helped us to continue to grow so dramaticallyÖÖÖÖ God has truly used you to add fuel to our tanks. Thankfully yours in Christ

Given by...  Jim & Cindi

We went out visiting tonight in the community, there were about 15 adults, and we divided into two groups. We delivered around 15 boxes of food. We prayed with a lady to be born again. She had cancer, we prayed for healing her body, we prayed healing at several of the homes we went to. One lady asked us to pray for her daughter, she is a single mom with two small children and her mom said her life is a mess. We also are buying an air conditioner for an elderly lady that lives alone, she also was ill. Two of the families that we visited had lost loved ones within the last year that were young when they passed away, seemed like their was a lot of hurts and wounds that needed spiritual healing as much as physical. It was a wonderful evening and we give God all the glory. Jim & I believe this is a direct result of the two week revival with you and Angela in Sandy Run. We believe the constant flow of the Spirit is breaking thru the hardness from years and years of wounds and hurts from one generation to the next. Pastor Wayne it has been ten years since we as a church operated in doing the works of Christ. We plan to continue to visit our city each week to meet their physical and spiritual needs. Our hearts are so full because we are starting to see breakthrough. God Bless and we love you! Pastors Jim & Cindi Jackson Sandy Run. SC

Given by...  Kettly

Thank you Pastor Wayne for your teaching. I am doing your daily devotional and it's like hearing you preach. I am growing in the Lord and truly your teaching is what starts me going from the very first time I have heard you. I can say finally, I have a daily devotional that I can be connected to. I know both teachers, you and the ultimate teacher of all, the Lord Jesus. I plan some day to come and visit all of you. Pastor, you cannot imagine how much Destined to Win Ministries has done for me. Thanks for the seed that you have planted in me.

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