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A twenty first century ministry
a first century vision
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Destined To Win Ministry Team

Wayne & Angela Gwilliam - Senior Pastors
Dr. Wayne C. Gwilliam was converted out of a life of crime in Australia and has been in the ministry for over 30 years; he is a graduate of The School of Bible Theology and has earned a doctorate of ministry, and a doctorate of theology. He also has had the privilege of overseeing a ministry that has been used in the development, release, and restoration of many in ministry and business. The ministry has used tents and extended meetings in churches and auditoriums as a tool to train and release, and reach the lost and backslidden. Dr. Gwilliam is the author of several books and has been used in the media of radio and television to promote the gospel. He is currently the president of Wayne C. Gwilliam Ministries and General overseer of Destined to Win Ministries.

Angela was born in Italy and immigrated to the United States at a young age with her family; she grew up in Brooklyn NY. Angela worked as a commodities broker on Wall St in New York City before moving to Miami FL where she met Jesus and had a powerful conversion. She is the head oversight of Destined To Win Bible Institute, where she is a powerful teacher expounding biblical truth into the lives of her students. However, Angela still sees her main task is to keep her husband running straight. They work and reside in Winnsboro SC.

Kim Castellanos - Personal Assistant
Since joining the staff at DTW Ministries, I have witnessed incredible restorations, healings and deliverances in people form all walks of life.  The ministry team’s devotion to setting people free through the authority of the Cross is relentless.   Daily prayers are offered for the restoration of peace, health, purpose, and spiritual and natural prosperity for marriages and ministries. The whole team endeavor’s to reveal the depths of God’s love to everyone they meet.  And they are eager to help those who struggle or feel lost in their walk, as I did when I first hooked up with them; DTW is a true lighthouse for the lost to find their way back to Him. The bible studies are life changing.  The teachings here bring such clarity to the nature of God that you can’t help but be awed and grateful for all He is and all He’s done. Anyone who wants to know God intimately and find their purpose in Him can be assured this ministry will encourage and inspire them in their pursuit.  I am grateful that God has called me to be a part of it, thanks DTW.

Maria Del Rocio Florez - Crusade Coordinator
At a very young age I was introduced to Christianity and started to follow its teachings, and during these early years a great love for Jesus was starting to grow within my heart. I began to seek for a way to serve Him which led me to become lawyer. This allowed me to serve people in crisis and at the same time share my faith with people in need. I served as a lawyer for more than 15 years in my native country of Columbia.
And as I matured in years Christ grew in my heart. Every year a greater passion overwhelmed me to become more involved in evangelism, until one day I gave my profession to God and told him being a lawyer and his assistant was not working for me. So I gave up my profession along with my husband, who was a structural engineer, and I left Columbia for the USA. The Lord brought my husband and I and our three children to this great nation. We witnessed His powerful hand shaping our lives, by His mercy and His grace as he settled us in south Florida where we both served in a very rapid growing ministry. The trials were tremendous. At first I was hit with cancer and given a death sentence. It can only be likened to Daniel having to go down into the lions den. Not long after being told I had cancer another tragedy hit. I lost my husband and father of my children. I did not think I could recover as the grief overwhelmed our family when something even greater hit our family. The church we loved and served said the wave of disaster that had hit our family was my fault.
It was at this time God brought the children and I to Destined to Win and I met Dr. Wayne & Angela Gwilliam. It was from there that Christ led me into victory by showing me, through the ministry at Destined to Win, that the scars He bore on the cross of Calvary were all our family needed to make it.
With Destined to Win God began to heal and restore our life through the love that surpasses all understanding which is the core message at Destined to Win. A message that has truly became my message. And as one of the ministry team I have had the privilege to take this message to the many I have found by the roadside of life. And I have witnessed the same healing to them that came to me and my children’s lives.

In His service
Pastor: Maria Del Rocio Florez

Jim Reese
Jim is an Ordained Minister and Ordained Teacher of the Gospel. First ordained 2005 as an Associate Pastor. He has a Ministry of Pastoral helps and Evangelical Outreach. Jim is a Retired Corporal with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team, State Constable, and a Chaplin with the City of Columbia Fire Dept as well as Chaplain with the Lexington Medical Center in Lexington SC. Jim is currently a Diplomat with American Board of Death Investigators on a National Level working with the Richland County Medical Examiners Office as a Sworn Officer and Investigator involved with with many hundreds of death investigations over the last eight (8) years. Many families and bystanders have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on the scenes of these investigations as Jim sees the opportunity to share the Gospel News anywhere and everywhere he goes. Jim and his wife, Anna Maria, have an internet radio ministry which broadcasts the Gospel message worldwide to over 75,000 listeners in over 30 countries. He is also a Musician and plays the Trumpet, Flugal Horn and Rams Horn on the Destined to Win Family Worship Center praise team known as “The Awakened”.

Anna Maria Reese
Anna Maria, is an Ordained Minister in Pastoral Undershepherding. She has a Degree in Administration and in Special Education. Anna, has worked in ministorial functions such as  writing women semenars;teaching and working with women in Women's Ministry. Her personal work experience has been with adult mental and physically impaired clients through the developmental skills program. Her experience is in counseling and equipping individuals in the betterment of diet, attitudes, and discipline. She has taught students with learning disabilities to read and write and how to learn to live more effectively on their own.  Anna, has also studied natural healing for several years along with inner healing, wholeness, and wellness. Searching for answers to her own health problems, she realized that her education has been affective in helping hundreds of people find answers in balancing the Total Man. Anna, has God given abilities to decern root issues that provided solutions proven to bring wholeness and restoration. Also, a former opera singer, she has released several CD's and currently serves on the worship team along with her husband, Jim, and her son JohnNathen Marino.





JohnNathen Marino
JohnNathen, born in San Diego California, in 1980, and raised in Tennessee, has always felt and known God's calling on his life as a psalmist and worship leader. Since childhood he has written hundreds of songs and learned to play several instruments, including the piano, guitar, and many forms of percussion. After graduating high school with honors, he joined the Army National Guard as a Military Police officer, and continued his education in Justice Services, with a minor in music education. He has released several albums to include three praise and worship albums, and is always working on the next recording project. JohnNathen has been in the official role of Music Minister for over 10 years now, and is the current Minister of Music for Destined to Win Ministries. His plans are to take the songs that he has written through the Holy Spirit around the world, and to share and teach the importance of worship to those that are not aware of the impact it has upon the spiritual realm.



Jacob Saunders - Intern
I was born in upstate NY to Paul & Jeri Saunders. Mainly due to the powerful influence of my parent's faith, truth has been a passion of mine. Since I was young God has placed giftings of music and ministry inside of me. My family has a history with Destined to Win for many years. Although they were separated for a time, through a series of miraculous, God-ordained events, I became one of Pastor Wayne's interns directly upon graduating high school. It has been an honor and joy to behold God preparing my way before me as I trustingly seek him. I am sure that under the yoke of Christ in Pastor Wayne and the vision of DTW God will prepare me by discipling me to walk in the leadership brought about by a depth of servanthood.






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